What do I have to do as a jailbird?
First and foremost, you are expected to have fun while raising money for London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers. Each Jailbird will go before a Judge in the Crime Stoppers Court held at Masonville Place in London. We will already have charged and summoned you with an outrageous offence, unique to your character. We may even have had help from some of your friends or co-workers. It may mean poking fun at your name, habits, hobbies, occupation, or anything else that people could relate to which describes yourself all adding to the fun of you being in court.
The Judge, Prosecutor, and you will argue your case (you can bring your own Defense Lawyer) The Judge will sentence you anyway to a short incarceration in the jail with a nominal bail. This is all theatrics and you will only be required to stay as long as you want allowing you to get back to your day. Usually about an hour of your time is required, as most people collect their money ahead of time but dont tell the Judge how much its your ace up the sleeve!
How do I raise money?
You will be provided with an official receipt book in advance so you can collect your bail money from friends, neighbours, co-workers, etc. You will then bring the book, along with the money raised with you to the day of the Jailathon.
The day of the Jail-A-Thon, you should bring a list of telephone numbers of people you can call from the jail cell. Cell phones are provide and you will instruct your people to call the special bail lines to make a pledge towards your bail.
How much bail money am I expected to raise?
There is no set minimum amount for a jailbird. Jail-A-Thon is our main fundraiser for the program and we welcome the contributions of all our participants. Money raised that day ranges from $100 to over $10,000. Many of the repeat offenders compete with each other and themselves to increase the amount each year.
Who participates?
There are representatives from the business or corporate community, police, media, schools, fire dept., etc. Special interest groups such as the Red Hat Ladies or “Clown Chapters”, have also spent time in our court. Everyone has a great time!
The goal
Our goal for 2009 is $20,000.00.
Crime Stoppers is a non-profit charitable organization. We must raise ALL our own funds to market and operate the program. Although we have a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, Jail-A-Thon remains the main source of our income.
How could it benefit me?
Whether you are in business, retired, or an employee in the workforce, you will have an opportunity to have fun with the concept of being charged for doing something that is perfectly natural for you to be doing. We will have entertainment and there will be souvenirs for helping out that day.  It promises to be a blast.  Check out our website at www.londoncrimestoppers.com for more information about us and our community efforts.
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