The Student Symposium is an annual gathering of students and staff from the London and District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board and beyond, police educators and Crime Stoppers Board Members. Throughout the day, there are exchanges of ideas and information pertaining to crime trends and education tips on how crime stoppers can assist in making schools safer places.

Topics included Student Crime Stoppers, WebTips, Safety at Work, Bullying, Surviving & Moving Forward.
Staples – Wellington Rd. @ Base Line – Jeff Trahan
PriceChoppers – Commisioners Rd. and Wellington Rd. – Gary Wilson
London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers
Dr. Leslie Lewis – Byron Dental Office – 1265 Commisioners Rd. W.
Crunican Apples – 23778 Richmond St. North
Tim Horton’s – Springbank Drive – Dave Mitchell
Hollandia Bakery – My. Brydges. ON
Haygarth Printing – 345 Ridout St. N. John Clifford
Allstate Insurance, Sommerside – 1319 Commissioner’s Rd. E, Unit D1 – Dave Pereira
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