The Jailathon is back!

This year, our annual Jailathon will take place May 29th, 2014 at the Covent Garden Market in Downtown London.
About The Jailathon
The Jailathon started 25 years ago and is the biggest fund raiser for London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers. It’s a fun day with participants having a great time year after year.
How It Works
The “jailbirds” start to appear in the mock Crime Stoppers court before the judge at 9 a.m. They can bring their own lawyer or use “duty counsel”. They will have already raised some of their bail via donations and pledges before the event, but after pleading their case, they may be asked to raise more bail, depending on the serious of the charge.
Jailbirds rotate through every 20 minutes or so and the total time commitment that day is about 45 minutes. It’s safe to say everyone goes to jail for a bit to add to the excitement. A note to prospective jailbirds – it’s important to keep some extra bail or contacts in your back pocket just in case…
Once again, Rogers Daytime will be airing their show live from 11am to 12:30 pm. Also, the Virgin Radio and BX93 street teams will arrive at 9 to help kick off the event.
How Can I Get Involved
An easy way for individuals to get involved is to help bailout a jailbird via the website at, or come down and see our event in person on May 29th.
We will be adding to this year’s list of Jail Birds in the next few days, so keep an eye out for some of our region’s most notorious offenders below. If you or your organization wish to participate in this year’s event, please contact today.
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