We welcome Oneida Nation of the Thames to our Crime Stoppers family. We look forward to working with the people of Oneida. Everyone deserves to live and prosper in safe communities and our goal is to engage and partner with the community in this effort.
There are many stories about how local Crime Stoppers programs, working with residents have made a positive impact on the reporting, solving and the prevention of crime. Crime Stoppers is the third most widely used investigative tool after DNA and fingerprints.
We thank Chief Sheri Doxtator and her council for allowing us the opportunity to bring Crime Stoppers to their community. This partnership will foster positive relationships between us over time by working and speaking with parents, youth and Oneida Police.
We will work respectfully, side by side to ensure the vitality of this alliance. Crime Stoppers signs have been erected in locations in Oneida and we have been mentioned on Oneida Radio.
Again, thanks to Chief Doxtator and to the people of Oneida for this opportunity.
A.W. Gibson
London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers
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