I Was Lased
A First-Person Account
By Capt. Sean O’Leary (FedEx Express)

My first officer was flying the approach into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. We were 11 to 12 miles out from the airport—about 3,000 feet above ground level on a dogleg final. I saw a light on the ground a couple of miles to our left, about nine miles east of the airport, from what looked like an intersection near a shopping area. At first, I thought it was a spotlight from a car dealership, then I said, “Looks like some kind of laser light show.” As soon as I said those words, it happened.

I was lased.

It was Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, and I was on reserve for FedEx Express. My day started in Memphis, Tenn., and around noon I got the call. I was flying a B-777 out to Phoenix, Ariz., and then back that evening, taking off about 4:00 p.m. Memphis time.

Read the full account on the Airline Pilot’s Association website:


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