Crime Stoppers would not exist in the public sphere without media support. All of our media partners’ support is essential. The following outlines just a few of their stories of how commited they are to the safety of their communities.


A-Channel has been a media partner and sponsor with Crime Stoppers for approximately 15 years in the London Elgin Middlesex area. We shoot four film re-enactments with the assistance of a film and production team. These re-enactments are then aired five times weekly. Crime Stoppers is promoted and the Crime of the Week receives the attention of the public it requires to receive to find witnesses who may have information to assist in the investigation. A-Channel’s partnership is invaluable to London-Elgin-Middlesex Crime Stoppers! Thank you A-Channel!

Roger’s Television

Rogers continues to support London Elgin Middlesex Crime Stoppers during our annual Jailathon by providing live coverage during the Daytime show

London Free Press

The London Free Press posts crimes of the week and notices from local programs.

La Jornada

The Spanish Journal, is London’s #1 Bilingual Hispanic Newspaper. La Jornada prints and distributes 5,000 plus copies every first Friday of every month and produces a Digital Edition every third Friday of the month.

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